Living Bones

In Middle School, you’re either on the top, a member of the nameless masses in the middle, or one of the total losers  on the bottom. My name is Travis Scott, and I’m at the very top. I’m not conceited. It’s just fact.

Then, there’s Nolan. He’s pretty much at the very bottom. I mean, most people don’t even know his name.They just call him the Freak.

So why would someone like me start hanging out with someone like him? The answer will sound ridiculous, but I swear that it’s the truth. The skeleton in our Science Classroom is trying to kill him. I have to stop it, I just don’t know how. 

I mean, how do you stop something that’s already dead?

Living Bones is a middle grade horror novel and part of the Series.

Living Bones Book Trailer

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Tales from a Wal-Mart Parking Lot

The only reasons that Dunston, Washington is on the map is because it is home to the only Wal-Mart Super Center for miles around.

To twelve year old Paige McNeil, Dunston is a pretty drab place to grow up, but when Mr. Elderberry, the nice old man who greets customers at the Wal-Mart, goes missing, Paige and her friends discover there is a whole other side to their town. Scientists, aliens, ghosts, and crazy-cat ladies are all a part of the puzzle that will lead Paige to her friend. But can she save him? And can she save the world?

Who would have ever guessed that the fate of the planet would be resolved under the fluorescent lights of a Wal-Mart Parking Lot?

  Tales from a Wal-Mart Parking Lot is a middle grade sci-fi/horror mash up and part of the Series.

Dread Watch

Caleb Myers is hating life. After moving from L.A. to the tiny town of Ambler, Pennsylvania,  he feels like he will never fit in. It doesn't help that the other students at his school are so ridiculously superstitious.

 Everything changes when Caleb discovers an old-fashioned pocket- watch in a run-down railroad museum. The watch calls to him. If he will just open it, all of his fears will go away.
But the watch isn't the solution for his fears, but a home for fear itself. An evil ghost has captured the souls of the children who died in the Great Train Wreck of 1856, along with a few others that he has lured into his trap. Caleb is the newest soul to enter this place where your fears surround you at every moment, and escape is as futile as trying to see in the pitch black of night.
The minutes are ticking down until Caleb will be trapped inside the Dread Watch forever.

Dread Watch is a middle grade horror novel and part of the Series.

The Unsanitary Adventures of Janitor Bob

Elsa Arlington has had some kooky ideas for stories for the school newspaper, but her latest takes the cake. She believes that the janitor at their middle school is actually a secret agent. Like, whatever!
When garbage literally falls from the sky, Elsa and her bashful photographer, Clarence, engage on a quest to find the source of the garbage, evade awkward Back-to-School Dance invitations, and discover the identity of the nefarious Litter-bug; just to score the front page of the school newspaper. But the Litter-bug is far more dangerous of a foe than the two could ever imagine.
Thank goodness that Elsa's ridiculous idea is correct. The intrepid Janitor Bob plunges into action to save the curious duo. But, has he finally met his match?

The Unsanitary Adventures of Janitor Bob is a younger middle grade novel and the first in a series.

The Scourge of Happenstance
Jeremy Hart is off on what would appear to be a fine adventure. He and his class are on their way to Alcatraz Island on a field trip. Things get off to a bad start when he gets targeted by the class bully. Things get even worse when his girlfriend dumps him for the class bully. And things get absolutely insane when he finds an old man disintegrating into dust who tells him to take a hidden submarine to a kingdom concealed inside of a volcano.
Of course, no one believes Jeremy's story, so he sets out to prove it, getting himself, his best friend, his ex-girlfriend, her new idiot boyfriend, and a stuck-up girl who decided to tag along all trapped on a perilous journey to deliver a powerful artifact and save the kingdom. Now that's an adventure!
Unfortunately for Jeremy, a true adventure is a narrow path lined with danger and death. But, have courage! The Kingdom of Happenstance awaits.

The Scourge of Happenstance is a middle grade fantasy book and the first in a trilogy.


Ian McCall needs a bot if he wants to go to the prestigious Warbot Academy. No bot, not spot.

A crazy old man gifts his collector’s item RT-42 to Ian so he can enter the Academy, but the bot is so old, how will Ian ever be able to compete?

The competition to be the best is heated, and any gladiator match in the Academy could be your last. Ian won’t give up. He’s not just in it to graduate. He’s in it to get revenge for his brother who was killed by the sentient bots that live outside the city walls.

Rust 42 is a middle grade sci-fi novel and the first in a trilogy.